Happy Harvest Helper Day

Yet one more mini event will be active startin tomorrow:
Happy Harvest Helper Day

All Harvester functions for less than half price!

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Bahamarama Weeds graphics updated

With the launch of the new Bahamarama, even the weeds on Farmerama became prettier!

This is how the new weeds look like:

2x2 plot size weeds
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{FAQ} New Bahamarama

Welcome to the New Bahamarama!


This update of Bahamarama is the first of a series of updates.

There is more to come!

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Message from the Game Producers

The developers of the game are apologizing for all the problems that occurred in the past days, and they given a statement explaining why all of this happened.

Read bellow the official statement:
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Happy Harvest Day

Happy Harvest Day

Get double EP for your crops, for 49 hours!
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Cancelled Event - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Unfortunately the monkeys kidnapped Esmeralda, and she couldn't be rescued in time for the Hunchback of Notre Dame Event
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{FAQ} Midsummer Event 2013

This event will be online from June 20th - 28th
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