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Bahamarama Weeds graphics updated

With the launch of the new Bahamarama, even the weeds on Farmerama became prettier!

This is how the new weeds look like:

2x2 plot size weeds
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{FAQ} New Bahamarama

Welcome to the New Bahamarama!


This update of Bahamarama is the first of a series of updates.

There is more to come!

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Message from the Game Producers

The developers of the game are apologizing for all the problems that occurred in the past days, and they given a statement explaining why all of this happened.

Read bellow the official statement:
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Cancelled Event - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Unfortunately the monkeys kidnapped Esmeralda, and she couldn't be rescued in time for the Hunchback of Notre Dame Event
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{Event} Parent's Day Quest / Event

Farmerama is overwhelmed by so many events, and in order to make room, they combined Father’s Day and Mother’s Day into a single event, that is called Parent's day.
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MY LITTLE PONY is the next event

From April 29th to May 7th, put your hooves together in celebration because your favorite MY LITTLE PONY friends are paying a special visit to Farmerama!
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The Garden Exhibition - New Quest in Farmer's Society.

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Italy Week 2013 is starting soon.

Italy is the next country that will be celebrated in Farmerama. Spread the word and prepare yourself.
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Mega EP day + Mystery seedlings this weekend

Another work-week has ended, and as a reword for our hard work, Farmerama offer's us two mini-events:
Mega EP Day
Buy BBs in the bank, and get +100% EP bonus for 24 hours!
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Renzo Shop - New item of April 2013

There have been a few changes in the Renzo Shop, including some new items available to buy:

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{FAQ} The Mentoring System (Chickadee Roost)

* Where is the Chickadee Roost?
The Chickadee Roost is located in the Farmhouse, in the second tab next to the Farmhouse orders.

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Art week 2013 is the next event

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Mentoring System aka Chickadee Roost

The rumors say that something new will come to Farmerama, a new feature called Mentoring System. 
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April 2013 Events Calendar

Due to high request by the Farmerama players, the developers have finaly accepted to release a Monthly Calendar with the upcoming events. The monthly calendar will only contain the events that will take place in the current month. Mini-Events will not be listed in this calendar because most of the time, they are changed within a few minutes before the announcement...
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{Event} World Water Day 2013

The World Water Day is a special day, celebrated since 1993, on every 22nd of March. This day aims to make people aware of how critical the earth’s water conditions are.

At Farmerama our farms the farm land will going to be dried and we will see what will happen if the water will be gone. After a shot period of time the land will return to normal..

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Red Poppies will remain in the game

The new flower called "Red Poppies" that was introduced in the game with the Greece Event will remain for good at our farms. The Red Poppies will be available starting tomorrow at about 14:00 CET.

More info about the red poppy bellow:
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{FAQ} Redesigned Information bubbles

Information bubbles

Info bubbles are contextual menus that allow you to interact with your farm or find useful information about the items placed in your farm.
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Upcoming event - A Full House

Next week starts with yet another new event, this time based on the Russian folklore.
Here's the official announcement:
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New Info Bubbles - beta testing

Changes to our farms are not yet finished, and now is time for new Info Bubbles.
The changes will affect the 'Info bubbles' when you click on items (stables, crops, etc)

A few examples:

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