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Farmerama isn't just about trying to become the best farmer ever, but about being part of a larger community. Instead of playing against each other, farmers work together to support each other here, just like in a real country community!

This is where the post office comes into play. Players use the post office and its message system to stay in contact with each other. They can write messages, check their message inbox and outbox and take a look at their buddy list here.

You can also, from the post-office, hire Suzy to send an Air Mail to your neighbors and buddies.

You'll receive 1x Suzy Air Mail for each level up, and they can be won on the FarmWheel, or bought for 1 BB in the Supply Store.

There are 4 main tabs in the Postal Office:

There are 5 sub-sections in this area:

You can read your in game message here (IGM). They can be sorted by date, or alphabetically, by sender name or Subject.

The Mark All button allows you to select all messages at once.

You can block a player to prevent him/her from sending you messages or Suzi's Air mail by using the Block button.

You can add the sender as you friend.

The Inbox displays only the most recent 60 messages. Deleting some of them will move older posts to the display area (for example if you have 65 messages in your Inbox, deleting one will allow the 61th message to be displayed, as it becomes the 60th message). You can delete one or more messages using the Delete button.

You can read your sent in game message here. You can also select all messages at once, add the receiver as you friend and delete sent messages, using the buttons at the bottom of the Outbox window.

Write message
This window allows you to write an in-game message (IGM). To do so, you must either type the recipient's user name in the To field, or choose the recipient from your Buddy list (click on the round icon):

Once you have entered your Subject and message, you can click on Send. If you are unhappy with the message, you can clear the text by pressing Delete.

Blocked players
All the blocked players are listed here, with the Block sign next to their username.
Sometime you need to reverse this action. Now it's possible using the Unblock button. Select the player that you want to unblock and click Unblock.

Suzi's Post
Suzi's Airplane will fly over the recipient's farm and deliver the banner with your message. To send such a message you must either type the recipient's user name in the To field, or choose the recipient from your Buddy list (click on the round icon). The text length is limited to 160 characters. You can buy more by clicking the Buy button.


The list of your neighbors and friends is displayed here. You can sort them by name or game level.

You can remove a friend or neighbor from here, write messages to them or send gifts using the buttons at the bottom of the Friends window.

Sticker Album
In this sticker-album you'll find souvenir stickers of your achievements throughout the game. Some Events give as a prize a Sticker that you'll be able to admire in your Sticker Album, in the Challenges. The crafting stickers are also displayed here, in the Achievements pages.

You can put your farm on display for visitors to enjoy and vote, and send friend invites, or e-cards from here.

Farm photo

Whether they drop by for a chat or just want to admire your garden, visitors are always welcome on your farm. If you want visitors to be able to see your farm, just create a screenshot of your farm and post it in the Farm photo for others to rate.

Use your creativity and show everyone that you know a thing or two about farming and gardening. Do what you want: Plant a rose garden or let it grow wild. Each farm has its own appeal. Just make sure to accentuate its best features!

You can rate other farms and you can take a photo of your farm to show it off to your neighbors and buddies.

On the bottom left you see a button called Take photo which will allow you to take a screen print of the last land you visited before coming to the City, via the Farm Map. A preview window will be displayed, where you can see which fields is about to be photographed, and a frame list underneath it.

Select the desired frame (please note that if you purchased the horror frame from Jack's shop, you can find it here) and then click Publish photo.

The photo will take a few seconds to be taken (wait for the spinning flower to stop spinning). Then you'll be able to use the link on the right to show your picture, or you can even make a voting link to get other players to score your farm.

Use the Copy link button to copy the URL in your clipboard and paste it into your signature, for example.


What do you say? Feel like sending your friends an e-card of your beautiful farm? They'd probably love to hear from you again.

An e-card is a great way of showing off your gardening/farming skills and getting your friends to vote for your farm.

Source: Official Farmerama Forums.
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