Farmerama cheats

To be honest, there are no real cheats for farmerama, just some tricks and codes that will help you in your farming. Below we will analyze and discuss all the so called cheats for farmerama that you can find on the internet at the moment. O.k. so let's go:

1. Farmerama cheats: Build faster

"Farmerama cheats are hard to come by, but here is a great tip for all of you Farmarama junkies out there and newbies alike. I dont know about you but I had a tough time starting out with the point-and-click method when I started building my farm so I looked for an easier method of building.
So, I went on a hunt to find you a tip to assist you in building your farm faster. Below is a very easy time saving Farmerama cheats to build your farm elements faster by utilizing the “ctrl” key. It is actually quite easy to follow and you can use this tip for your seeding as well."

This is not even close to a cheat... is just a feature of farmerama. Recently the game was updated and this feature is more obvious to everyone. Now it works with holding the "ctrl" key, but also the developers implemented a dedicated button for this feature. The button is a green apple in the left side of the screen, you can't miss it.

2. Farmerama Barnyard Bills Hack 2011 (Farmerama Cheat)

If you do a search for farmerama cheats on youtube you find a lots of videos that claims you can gain barnyard bills with a app called farmerama hack. Names of the videos are like this
  • Farmerama Barnyard Bills Hack 2011 (Farmerama Cheat)
  • Farmerama Coins Hack V2.6
  • [DOWNLOAD] Farmerama Coins Hack [DOWNLOAD]
  • etc
All of this videos have download links in the description, but don't get fooled by this... There are just links to scam sites that will trick you to pay for something that does not exist. If this was a real cheat, does nobody payed for this hack and then upload it to rapidshare or other free hosting site?

3. 200 Barnyard Bills Cheat Code

This is another "cheat" you will came across. It goes like this:
Whilst in game play you should try holding Enter, Shift and Ctrl together at the same time. A secret screen should then appear! The screen will not always show so you should try this at different levels. When the screen appears enter the following code -
Effect: xprokop1234 2000 barnyard bills
That code looks like a command that will give 2000 barnyard bills from your account to "xprokop1234", doesn't it ? Anyway i doubt that there are players with 2000 barnyard bills in their account... you are kind of greedy xprokop1234 :).
Anyway, for me the secret window never appeared and i pressed a few times Enter, Shift and Ctrl...

4. Farmebot

Farmebot is the only app that can be called a cheat. It has a free version and a paid one. Basically what it does is auto tacking care of your farm. The free version is limitated to sowing, harvesting only lettuce, threes and animals pens and the work is not automated, you have to press a button to start sowing and harvesting.

I tested the free version and i was pleased with it, but it still needs some work... When i put the bot to harvest my farm it harvest half of my farm then it stops and i have tho do manually the rest of the harvesting... When i put it to sowing it does the full job...

Anyway you should give it a try..
Heres the description of the author:

Welcome Farmers!

We would like to introduce you to a new and great help for the Famerama. Mainly in the course of the accomplishment of the starting steps you will be taken advantage of it, but later it may also assist you. What is it?
It's a independently sowing-harvesting-animal keeping utility program (Farmebot), which takes off your shoulder the many tiring tasks.
So it performs the tedious and time consuming task of the harvest and sowing instead of you.

Farmebot in action:


  • Map Editor of the farm (where and what kind of plant is planted, what to do and when)
  • One-click harvest
  • One-click lettuce sowing
  • One-click animal keeping
  • If we kindled your interest, you can download it from here and try it out.
  • If you liked what you saw, then please donate with 5 € the development of program. We will send for supporters an improved version, which knows already the next super functions:
  • Automatic sowing-harvesting without stopping! This version can be used excellently for example for night work, while you sleep your farm is growing nicely.
  • Rain? No problem! If it rains, your plants are fertilized automatically.
  • Are the animals starving? No problem! Your animals get into the barn in time and you need not bother with their cleaning and their feeding. Everything is totally automatic.
  • Are you bored with the lettuce? Choose from the available plants - ,what you may sow ,of course – and plant them in your garden.
  • Did informations arrive from the centre? No problem! The information is stored between the Events. There you can look at all.
  • Multi account system. Manage your account, include quick login system (If you set the Login name and password), make a individual ordering you plants!
  • Sowing list: Plan what and how much you would like to sow and leave the rest to your Farmebot. The farmer's word is command!
  • Different jobs in different fields? No problem! Now the jobs can be set per field!

We hope that it sounds excitingly! Look at live:

You can get Farmebot from HERE
Farmebot is no longer supported - the project is closed