{FAQ}: Germany Week 2012

* What is the minimum level required for this Event?

Level 2

* How can I access the event?

From Level 2+ you'll be able to see the Event Place in front of the Farmers Society:

* What is special about this Event?

There will be a two special Event Crops:


Time: 5 hours
EP (2x2): 36 EP
Plant category: "Event"
Can be grown on all lands starting by level 2 (including Bahamarama)

Boiled potatoes

Time: 5 hours
EP (2x2): 36 EP
Plant category: "Event"
Can be grown on all lands starting by level 2 (including Bahamarama)

All players level 2+ will get 10 seeds of each event plant at the beginning of the Event. They will not be in the Seed Shops, nor will they be buyable/sellable at the market. If you drop down to less than 5 seeds, you'll need to wait for the automatic replenishment every 5-6 hours.

The Event requires Sailor Hats that will appear when you harvest any of your lands, any of your crops/trees/animals, including Bahamarama (level 2+):

Gifts are possible as usual: sending up to 5 (7 with rune), getting up to 20. If all free-gifts were used it will cost the same price as you would pay in the shop.

You'll see how many you have collected in your Barn under "Other".

Another type of drop item
(not required in the donation layer):

Chocolate syrup

Although Chocolate syrup will not be directly needed in the Event Window, it will be useful during this Event!

Chocolate syrup can be used to spray your crops!
When a crop is sprayed with this chocolate syrup, it will reduce growing time by 10%
You can apply it either by clicking the special Chocolate syrup button on the individual crop pop-up to apply it to individual plots, similarly to adding water, super-grow, manure:

or also, from the Machinery For FREE. This will allow you to spray as many crops as you have enough Chocolate syrup for.

The chocolate syrup can also be purchased from the Shopping Center:

Chocolate syrup packages:
  • 5 Chocolate syrup: 1 BB
  • 25 Chocolate syrup: 4 BB
  • 100 Chocolate syrup: 15 BB
  • 200 Chocolate syrup: 27 BB
Please note that the chocolate syrup is not giftable!

* How do we interact with the Event?

After accessing the event place in front of the Farmer's Society, you'll see this Quest Layout:

* What are each of the parts of this Quest pop-up?
This is a 3-sided Quest:
  1. Left Side - donate Sauerkraut - gain up to 100 EPs/sailor hat (minimum = 12 EP/sailor hat)
  2. Right Side - donate boiled potatoes - gain up to 20 CCs/sailor hat (minimum = 6 CC/sailor hat)
  3. Lower side - donate sailor hats - gain prize items (see below)
It is strongly recommended to wait until nearly the end of the Event to donate your sailor hats, once you've filled up a maximum of Sauerkraut and Boiled potatoes (but don't wait until the last minutes!!!)
This will give you a maximum of EPs and CCs per sailor hats tossed into the event

    * What are the Quest requirements and Prizes? 

  • left side - donate Sauerkraut
German flowerbed

2x1 squares
Gives: 333 EP
Time: 7 hours
  • right Side - donate Boiled potatoes
Germany week themed row

This "row of clouds" reward
does NOT unlock the Magical Stalk.
It just adds one extra row of clouds.
You'll see this new row of clouds only if and when you have unlocked the Magical Beanstalk
Items to place: Germany week 2012 prize items ONLY (as shown in black/white)
The effect: 1299 EP
The cooldown time: 6 hours
  • Lower side - donate Sailor hats

This part of the quest will give you stars too !

*Total resources needed

Product name
Total needed
Boiled potatoes
Sailor hats 600

Prize list:

Germany week Sticker


Time: 4h15m
Gives: 350 EP
Size: 2x2 plots

Bratwurst booth

Time: 6h
Gives: 266 EP
Size: 2x1 Plots


Time: 6h30m
Gives: 350 EP
Size: 2x1 plots

* Can I buy Event resources in the Supply Store?

Sailor hat packages:

  • 1 Sailor hat: 2 BB
  • 50 Sailor hats: 85 BB
  • 100 Sailor hats: 150 BB
  • 150 Sailor hats: 200 BB
* Will there be Event baskets?

In the Supply Store, you'll find the German Baskets:

Black-Red-Gold Basket (Small):

  • 80 x Saurekrauts
  • 80 x Boiled potatoes
  • 15 x Sailor hats
  • 25 Chocolate syrups
  • 50 x Super Grow
  • Price: 1.99 Euro or equivalent in your currency (through the bank)
  • Buyable: just once

Germany Basket (Large):
  • 400 x Sauerkrauts
  • 400 x Boiled potatoes
  • 100 x Sailor hats
  • 50 Chocolate syrups
  • 100 x Super Grow
  • 1 x Carrot Apple Chutney
  • Price: 10 Euro or equivalent in your currency (through the bank)
  • Buyable: just once
* Will the event resources stay in the game after the Event?
No, they will be exchanged (see below)

* Will leftover resources and event plants be exchanged after the end of the Event?

  • Each Sailor hat will be exchanged for 10 EP and 5 CC
  • Each Chocolate syrup will be exchanged for 1 EP
  • Each Sauerkraut will be exchanged for 2 EP
  • Each Boiled potato will be exchanged for 2 EP
(please note that the exchange will not happen immediately, it may take a while).

Source: official farmerama forums
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