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Magical Glade, Tree of Wisdom

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Tree of Wisdom

Where can I find the tree of wisdom?
The tree of wisdom can be found on the Magical Glade. All players from level 14 can access and use it.

To start with, you'll get 16 squares in the Middle of the Magical Glade.

What are "carvings" and what are the "secrets"?
A carving is the sign/slot on the Tree of Wisdom. With a carving, you can unlock a new piece of wisdom.
A piece of wisdom is a feature you can unlock – for example more space, special bonus or boosters.
Carvings to be unlocked have a golden circle around them.
Carvings you have already unlocked have a golden circle filled with green color.
Once you unlock a carving, you cannot undo this – so choose wisely.

How does the tree of wisdom work?
You start in the trunk of the tree of wisdom. Here you can unlock your first carvings. If you continue and go up in the tree, you will find that the tree branches out here. You’ll have to decide which way to invest your stars.
Every piece of wisdom (every feature) needs a certain amount of stars to be unlocked. You can see the number of stars, if you click on a carving. If you purchased the carving and climb up the tree, you’ll be able to purchase the next higher carving and so on. Lines between the carvings will show you your possible choices.

Do I have to decide between the main branches?
You can continue in one branch or switch spending your stars in different branches, this is up to you. Sometimes, there are several possible carvings in one level, but you have to unlock only one to continue. You will see that in the tree: There are lines and the golden circles indicating the possible carvings.

How do I know which carving gives what?
Before you spend your stars on unlocking a carving, you can click the carving. A popup will show you the name, the piece of wisdom you will gain and the number of stars it will take.

How can I get stars?

- By doing quests: Depending on the level of difficulty, you will get stars as a reward.
If you already did quests, you will automatically get stars booked for those. This does not apply to events that have already ended!
In order to get more stars, we will continually bring new quests into the game.
- By level up: Beginning at Level 14, you will get one star for each level up; only from the mainland
- By playing events: All events from the introduction of the tree of wisdom will include stars as rewards in the quests, the number depending on the difficulty level.
  • silver challenges - 1 star
  • gold challenges - 2 stars
  • diamond challenges - 3 stars
Note: Any stars you earn before you are on Level 14 will be visible when you get to Level 14.

Where can I see the number of stars I have?

You can see the number of stars on the top bar of your farm, next to the icon with a star.
Also on the bottom of the Tree of Wisdom popup. There it is displayed how many stars you have gained, and how many you have already spent on carvings.

What specials do I get when using the tree of wisdom?
- You get more space: You can unlock the parts of the Magical Glade here.
- Delivery Quests boni – get more EP for your delivieries.
- Boosters (i.e. for plant growing)
- Space for more neighbors
- unlock „farm leisure“ time
…and lots more.
The tree of wisdom will keep on growing and will get more and more new carvings.

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The Magical Glade

How can I get the new Magical Glade?
You will get the Magical Glade as soon as you reach level 14. There you’ll find the tree of wisdom. With its help, you will be able to unlock the parts of the Magical Glade (like in the park, but with stars)
The new Magical Glade is set up similar to the park – it is divided into spaces which need to be unlocked.

Each of the "Magical Glade clearing" carvings
(the square ones that go down towards the roots)
will open an extra farming space,
each space has 42 squares.
They are configured as follows:

All 4 extra parts of land unlocked.

What effects does the Magical Glade have?
The Magical Glade has more space for all sorts of items. One special effect is the little river flowing here: No need for buying water here! Watering your items is for free on this field! Also, the Magical Glade has positive effects on the stables, breeding and trees here: You will gain more EP here (for example animal stables give an extra 10%, Trees give an extra 5%... etc).

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Bahamarama and the Park
If you already have these fields, these will remain open (unless you only have them unlocked because of a Premium package). You will see the carvings for Bahamarama and the park appear green (= unlocked)

For players who don't want to spend stars to open the Park you can still reach it the classical way (reaching level 25).

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Concerning the Water-Tank Carving
Premium players will see their water-tank capacity be increased incrementally to 600 units (normal players is incrementally to 300 units).

Even though premium players have unlimited water, this carving/rune remains interesting as the increased capacity will allow Premium Players to make up to 17 power-feed production at the same time (at the maximum rune stage) and non-Premium players can make up to 8 power-feed production at the same time (at the maximum rune stage) due to the 35 water requirement for each power feed production.

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Concerning Vacation Mode

The Rune opens up 2x 4 weeks vacation mode. They will be stocked in "Settings" until you activate them.

(However if you purchase the vacation mode in the Supply Store for 99BB this will immediately activate the vacation mode!)

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Concerning the Living Legend rune

This concerns the Country Fair Trophy & the Farming Trophy.
This will allow you to have improved drop-rates on ALL your lands, and not just the land on which the Trophies are placed. You won't need to keep moving them around to have the benefits of extra drop items.
Once you've donated your 300 stars, you click on "Trade in Trophies" this will take you to your inventory (where you should have put back your actual trophies). You can then donate the trophies/upgrades that you have.
If you complete further steps of those Quests, you'll be able to add the additional upgrades by clicking on the rune again, and donating your new upgrade.

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