{FAQ} Green Meadow - Neighbors - Buddies

Q: Where do I find new neighbours?

Answer: There is a Daily Thread for neighbour requests, you'll find lots of people there also looking for neighbours.

Q: What are the green/red lights next to each neighbour?

Answer: These indicate whether your neighbour is logged into their farm.

Q: What does access to the Green Meadow cost?

A: If you have at least 42,500 EP (level 17) then it costs nothing, if you are below this EP level you will have to pay 100 BBs for access

Q: Will I lose land if I lose a neighbor?

A: Yes and No - the new farm space has 18 spaces for a maximum of 18 neighbors (17 plus yourself). (Premium Farmers can have 24 neighbors). If you drop below 12 neighbors (13 if you count yourself), you will then lose part of the land. There is a Rune on the Tree of Wisdom that will give an additional six neighbours.

Q: How do I get Items to the Green Meadow?

A: All the items in your inventory (tabs to the left of your farm) are also available in the Green Meadow. You can move animal pens, trees, also move decorations, trophies, and awards.
The only items that you can't move to the Green Meadow are items with "limited uses". Once you delete these they are lost forever.
If you delete crops they will be lost too.

Q: Can I use the Green Meadow in a photo?

A: You can take a picture of every field. To do so, simply enter the farm map from the field that you wish to capture in your picture, then click on the City and go to the Tourist Office.

Q: What is rent-a-farmer, what does it cost?

A: Rent-a-farmer can be used if you do not have 12 neighbors, you can rent as many neighbors as you like (up to 12 at one time). They each cost 15 BBs and will keep one space clear for one month.

Q: Do neighbors have to stay active?

A: Yes, if they don’t then the farm space will be lost.

Q: How does the bonus EP work?

A: The bonus EP that you receive when you congratulate your neighbors for leveling up is calculated by your level in relation to the level of your neighbour.

Happy Farming!

How to add a Buddy to my Buddy List

First, you need to go to the Post office in the city

When you are inside the post office, you'll see this pop-up:

Having clicked on the New Message button,
you must now write a message to your future buddy.
Just a brief message will do.

Click on "Send", you'll get a confirmation message:

Now, click on the "Outbox" button:

Click on the "Buddy Icon" as shown above.
You'll get a confirmation message:

This player will now have been added to your Buddy List.

You can check this by clicking on the "Buddy List" Button:

The three small icons on the left will allow you to:
  • send messages
  • see + vote for their farm
  • delete from buddy list

How to Add Neighbours

New Look, New Tabs

- - - - -

The Tutorial

page 1

page 2

page 3

- - - - -

Adding new neighbours

clicking on the Add-Neighbour Icon at the bottom-right, this will open up a popup window with all the neighbour options:

The 4 different tabs at the top
give various options
concerning adding neighbours:

The most used option: invite another Farmer:

Click on the Buddy-List Icon to invite one Farmer to become your neighbour

this will open up your Buddy List:

click on that Buddy to invite him/her to become your neighbour.

- - - - -

Rent-a-friend option

This Rent-a-Friend will cost 15 BBs for 30 days.

You can then decide to prolong the rented friend for an extra 30 days for only 10 BBs.

- - - - -

Invite real-life friends to come and play Farmerama:

Farmerama now gives you the possibility of iniviting other real-life friends to join Farmerama.

By doing so, you'll get rewarded with an
EP/CC reward when the new friend registers!
You'll also get rewarded when 5 new players that you invited reach level 7!

On the 2nd tab, you'll see the different real-life friends have accepted your invitation, or still pending, and those that have started playing, seeing also which level they have reached.

Sending Suzy Air Mail

Each time you level up, you'll now receive 1x Air Mail.

You can also win 1x Air Mail on the FarmWheel

and Air Mails can also be bought in the Supply Store:

* What can I do with Air Mails?
These are to send a banner message to your neighbours and buddies.
like this:

* How can I send an Air Mail?
You can do this from the Post Office.
You'll see the icon for Suzy's Air Mail service at the top right:
This will open up the message pop-up:
you can then choose your Buddy/Neighbour on the list, or by entering the name on the top box:
Once you've clicked on the checkmark to validate you'll get a confirmation pop-up:

* How can I see how many Air Mails I have in stock?
You can see your stock of Air Mails in your Barn, under the "other" tab.
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